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My Sanaulla Reward points - All you need to know!

  • 1 REWARD POINT is equal to PKR 1.  The reward points will be calculated on the retail price of the product (before GST).
  • To qualify for our loyalty program and to redeem the points on our website you need to register an account on our website.
  • You need to accumulate at least 5000 points in order to use the reward points on our website.
  • In the case of Cash on delivery orders, the rewards points will be awarded once the order is delivered to the customer. In the case of prepaid orders, the points are awarded once the order is shipped. Sanaulla has the right to verify the delivery verification and issue reward points once the verification is made.
  • Sanaulla has the right to take back the rewards points or make adjustments in case of order cancellation.
  • The reward points will be applicable to the fabric price, stitching charges as well as add ons. The points will not be applicable to discounted/sale items and shipping charges.
  • You have to use your reward points within 1 year of accumulation. Points will expire in the order shape which they have been first earned.
  • Sanaulla reserves the right to update the policies and terminate the loyalty program at any given time without any prior notification to the customers.

This is a brief summary for the convenience of our customers. If you have any further queries please send an email to

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    i have placed many orders from you in the last year, as I love the beautiful selection and the very nice customer service that you offer.   My order 328487 never showed up on my account and i never received any points for it and now my order 335839 which is in transit is also not showing on my account and no points have be posted for it and the order number 334501 which is also on the way is showing points, but a suit was added to it and those points were never added.  Please look into this and let me know...