Do you deliver in original brand boxes?

As per standard protocol, all products are sent in the original boxes provided by the brand. However, the boxes are removed for international orders as they increase the weight of the shipment quite significantly.

For example, the weight of a Chiffon suit is around 1 or 1.5 kg without the box and the customer will be charged for this weight only.

If we include the brand's box in shipment, the box will have to packed in DHL or Skynet's box. When shipments are sent in box (instead of a flyer) the customer needs to pay for the weight of the box as well the volume/space of the box. So a 1.5kg suit could be charges for 8kgs shipment due to the box used. 

To help our international customers save up on the shipment costs, we do not send the suits in original brand boxes.